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Stan Kasten was in Atlanta talking to Andruw Jones at the centerfielder’s home. While I am sure this gets some of your excited, I think it was probably just a courtesy call or a chance to reminisce about days gone by and not serious talk about the free agent coming to D.C.

Kasten: Remember that time you gave Pat Corrales the hot foot?

Jones: Ya man. Maybe I could do that again..

Kasten: That was awesome.

Jones: So, I’m kind of interested in seeing what the Nationals have to offer.

Kasten: No you aren’t! Hey, remember that time when you were a rookie during the ’96 series and you had to crank call Ted Turner or buy everyone dinner?

Jones: Oh man, you had to bring that up, didn’t you…

Kasten: *claps as he laughs* IS YOUR REFRIGERATOR RUNNING?! And they made you buy dinner anyway!

So, don’t get too excited about this meeting.

Glavine and Hernandez show
Both Tom Glavine and ┬íLIVAN! are apparently interested in the Nats. The theory on Gavline is he’d be an old pro who could teach the youngsters a thing or two and win some games. ┬íLIVAN! of course would come in eat lots of innings, but with the healthy clubhouse fare, he wouldn’t be able to eat as many burgers, hot dogs, Twinkies, etc. so don’t expect him around here. Also, despite being listed as 33 years old, he is probably older than Glavine, who is 42. The Nats would only sign one of them too.

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