I’ve replaced the YouTube category (what BloggerTM calls a “Label”) with Video since more sites than ever are making embedded video available. For the ones that don’t, get with the program!

Speaking of embedded video, I won’t be embedding any more pennlive.com videos for a while and not just because the Penn State regular season is over. While they have the right idea, they haven’t gotten their technology perfected resulting in some very slow load times. I’ll still link to them though.

I have also updated the links on the right, adding a bunch of Penn State ones (great, now that the season is over, right? Wrong, the season has been over since Sept. 22) and put others ON PROBATION for underachieving of late.

Lastly, I have reduced the number of entries on the index page to keep load times lower too. I appreciate those who shared their concerns about how long it was taking to load the page.

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