The two New York City tabloids both have the same backpage headline this morning, but they each referring to a different person. Too funny!

By the way, I think Joe Girardi was a better choice for the Yankees than Don Mattingly. Experience as the Marlins manager for a year and as a catcher as a player makes more sense for the Yankees. It would not surprise me to see Mattingly will get his chance.

Also, despite being from Brooklyn, Joe Torre was a Giants fan for some reason. It will be odd seeing him in Dodger blue, but even weirder seeing Mattingly not wearing pinstripes.

The Dodgers will be the third team from New York (originally at least) that Torre has managed. He skippered the Mets in the 1970s too, so only the Giants are left. I think Daryl Strawberry is the only other person to have been a member of all of those franchises.

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