Ballpark job creation; Ben’s coming to ballpark

MARC FISHERIn Stadium Contract, a Prototype for Job CreationThe Post
A couple of days ago, WTOP had a story about Gelberg Sign Company, the District business that is making signs for Nationals Park. In a column today, Fisher takes a look at who is working for Gelberg sees a success story:

But “we’d interview 60 people from an ex-offenders program and it was a struggle to find two who might work out,” says Guy Brami, who owns the business with brothers Luc and Neil. “We’d ask, ‘Is there a problem getting here at 6:30 in the morning every day?’ And they’d say, ‘Yes!’ “

Luckily, when Brami put out word that he needed to staff up, he heard from the Artisans training program at Covenant House, a Catholic charity in Northeast that focuses on homeless young people.

Working from a small woodshop just off Kenilworth Avenue NE, Artisans takes kids with no marketable skills and puts them through a six-month course that is ostensibly about carpentry but is really a boot camp that injects troubled young people with dependability, courtesy and a strong work ethic.

Make sure you read the whole column, it is a real pick me up.

Also, buried in the column comes some news that will certainly be welcomed by many:

Another bit of welcome news: They’re making a sign to go above a Ben’s Chili Bowl stand. The legendary U Street eatery will have an outpost at the ballpark.

Excellent, I’m pleased to see a District institution being represented in the ballpark. I’ll be sure to get some chili half-smokes from them in 2008.

In other news:

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