Ben’s to ballpark not a done deal

H/T Mr. IrrevelantAccording to DCist, Ben’s Chili Bowl at the new ballpark is not fait accompli.

…co-owner Kamal Ali tells DCist that the Ben’s stand at the stadium is far from a done deal.

“We are in a good faith conversation with them, but it would be premature to say it’s definitely happening. There is no signed contract yet,” Ali said.

Ben’s Chili Bowl has never had a second location before, despite having operated in the District continuously since 1958. Ali said their inexperience with this sort of venture was something of an obstacle to the details being worked out.

“This is an entirely different animal than what we’re used to. They asked us to come, but (the question is) would we come under what circumstances?” Ali said. “We hope it works out, but we haven’t gotten down to the nitty gritty.”

So, is this like Charlie Slowes’ contract renewal?

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