This pre-Alamo Bowl edition of Blue White Roundtable features questions from all of us.

WFY: Do you think any of the quarterbacks below Anthony Morelli will get any meaningful playing time on Saturday?

I don’t think either Daryl Clark or Pat Devlin will get much playing time unless Penn State runs it up in the first half or Anthony Morelli gets hurt.

The Nittany Notebook: Other than the quarterbacks, what players would you like to see get significant playing time in the game for preparation for 2008?

Evan Royster, the next generation of linebackers and probably some DBs.

There Is No Name On My Jersey: Will Royster finish the game healthy? If not, how concerned should fans be about the RB position in ’08?

I will give a Joe Paterno-type answer — how should I know? I’m not too concerned about the running back position, because the offensive line looks better than it has in a long time.

Black Shoe Diaries: Obviously a loss to Texas A&M in the Alamo Bowl would be devastating for the psyche of the program going into the off season. But is there anything good that can come out of beating a middle of the road Big XII team in a non-New Years Day bowl game? Basically, tell me why I should care about this game?

I don’t think it is devastating to loss to Texas A&M unless they are completely embarrassed. They are basically playing a road game indoors against a team that can beat Texas. A loss could provide a wake-up call to a lot of people and get them to be more motivated for 2008. That being said, I’d prefer a victory. The reason to care about this game is self-evident.

The Nittany Line: Will 2008 be JoePa’s last year and if so will the old man bow out gracefully or will he be forced out?

I don’t think it will be his last year because I don’t believe either Tim Curley or Graham Spainer has the guts to force Paterno out.

Run Up the Score!: When Joe Paterno finally retires, how long of a leash should the next coach get? What’s the standard he’ll be judged by, and does your answer depend on whether the new head coach comes from within or outside the program?

The next coach should start off with a five year contract and barring any seasons with eight or more losses after year two should be given the opportunity to coach for the duration of the contract. I believe a head coach from inside the program will be judged less harshly than an outsider, even though the opposite should be true.

Lightning Round

Your Alamo Bowl Prediction?

Penn State 28 Texas A&M 20

Hopefully, we’ll be back next week with a post-Alamo Bowl wrap-up.

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