JB from There’s No Name on My Jersey asked this week’s questions:

1. PSU is lined up to play Texas A&M in the Alamo Bowl. How are you feeling about the match-up and Penn State’s chances?

If Penn State’s coaching staff has been subscribing to the right e-mail newsletters (EDSBS), I’m feeling great about this game. Overall, I’m feeling pretty good — despite the Texas win, I think Texas A&M is probably a lesser opponent. Throw in some coaching upheaval down there and Joe Paterno’s high winning percentage in bowl games I am like the Nittany Lions’ chances. I’ll need to study up on A&M more though.

2. The BCS, fire away.

It is what it is and it won’t be changing anytime soon. I’m so myopic about Penn State, I really can’t work up the righteous indignation that Georgia or Virgina Tech couldn’t get a shot. I feel bad for Hawaii though.

3. Will you be rooting for Tosu in order to help boost the profile of the conference or will you unmitigated hate win out?

I’m in a unique situation when it comes to Ohio State — my job involves working on a Buckeyes site. It just so happens, I’ll be coordinating between that site and one in Louisanna too, so I have to be objective, no?

I guess I’ll be rooting for OSU, but I really don’t have any loyalty to the conference.


Are you going to the Alamo Bowl?

No, I’ll be in Pennsylvania with my in-laws; arrangements are being be made so that we all see the game on the big TV. Yay.

The next bowl game I attend with be the first.

How much PT does Devlin and Clarke see?

A series each, unless Morelli is hurt or Penn State is up by four touchdowns in the 3rd quarter.

The other guys!

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