Charge Against Dukes Is DismissedThe Post
Elijah Dukes accuser didn’t show up in court yesterday, so charges against the troubled outfielder were dropped. His attorney painted Dukes as the victim in this matter:

In a petition filed Dec. 10, Reese, who said she dated Dukes from August to October, claimed Dukes sent her threatening text messages, once in October and again in November. Irvin, though, said Dukes had entrusted Reese to watch his home and car while he traveled to the Dominican Republic, where he played winter baseball.

“When he became suspicious of this person and the company that she kept, she asked him to leave his property,” Irvin said.

Ah, the old “she said, he texted” scenario.

The 2008 schedule was announced yesterday:

Nationals Host ESPN Opener; Rangers to VisitThe Post

ESPN will showcase opener at new ballparkThe Wash. Times

We’ve Got Heart noted that there is no July 4 home game which can only mean MLB hates freedom.

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