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The Nationals acquired promising outfielder Lastings Milledge from the Mets for C Brian Schneider and OF Ryan Church, two holdovers from the Montreal days. Milledge comes to Washington a year removed from being seen by the Mets as an untouchable prospect; that view clearly changed last season, but the upside is seemingly higher and his salary is certainly lower. Manager Manny Acta knows Milledge from when both were part of the Mets organization in 2006 and does not share the concerns that may have led to this trade. The outfield looks to be Wily Mo Pena in left, Milledge in center and Austin Kearns.

Schneider will be missed behind the plate, but not at it. $9.8 million (over the next two seasons) is a lot to pay someone who bats .237. Church always seemed to be in the doghouse for some reason or another (mopery, not tough enough, “anti-semitism”) and could not have met his potential in Washington. I’m not sure he can in New York either since it is a much tougher place to play.

Jesus Flores, picked up from the Mets last year in the rule 5 draft appears to be the #1 catcher now. I’d like to see them pick up an experienced catcher though to teach and back up Flores.

Mets fans reportedly lit up WFAN in disgust for this trade and I can see why. I think Trader Jim pulled off a pretty good one. He added (perhaps cautions is a better word) “we’re not done.”

Those GM meetings in Nashville this week could get pretty interesting.

Oh yeah, Ray King is the new Mike Stanton ( — he is expected to sign with the Nats again.

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