NHL in Beaver Stadium?

I always through it would be pretty cool if there was a “battle for Pennsylvania” at Penn State’s Beaver Stadium between the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers. Now I find out from Eric McErlain of Fanhouse that the Flyers are considering hosting the Pengyunz at Beaver Stadium next season. Michigan State did this in 2001 when they hosted Michigan.

Forgive the pun, but that would very cool, even though I can’t stand either team. People still talk about what State College was like during the 2000 playoffs between the two teams, apparently it was quite a scene. I had graduated by then. Hopefully, this could be used as an opportunity to advance the cause of varsity hockey at Penn State. A well-placed source at Penn State told me that the money is there for a new arena, but the administration wants to hold off on building for a few years.

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