Carroll H. Cook (’54 Pitt) had his post-bowls chat yesterday adn answered one Penn State question.

Mikey (Philly): Beaner, PSU returners 19 starters. Picking them again to play in the Championship Game???

SportsNation Beano Cook: No. The schedule will be tougher, playing at Wisconsin and Ohio State. The Buckeyes have almost everyone back. Penn State has not won at Ohio State since entering the Big Ten. What makes you think it will happen next year? It could, but I don’t think so. Don’t make your reservations to the Orange Bowl quite yet.

Given that Beano picked Penn State this past season, I’m quite happy he didn’t again. I also agree that one has to go with the Buckeyes in the Big11Ten. However, if he is saying don’t make your reservations for the Orange Bowl yet, well that means you might want to call AAA.

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