Mike from Black Shoe Diaries asked all but the last bonus question this week. I chipped in the last one this morning.

Let’s start off with a positive note. When you look back on the 2007 season five or ten years from now, what will be your fondest memory? It doesn’t necessarily have to be Penn State related.

I think I will remember the Iowa game most fondly. We won and there were lots of friends and family to tailgate with before and after the game. Since I missed Homecoming, I don’t have a lot of fond memories from the Nittany Lions on the field.

What should the Big Ten conference consider as its highest priority this off season?

Getting Big11Ten Network available on major cable systems should be the main priority of the conference. I’ve given up on them improving officiating.

Clark or Devlin? Whose camp are you in and why?

Unfortunately, I cannot make an informed decision because we’ve seen so little of each of them. Either way, I think we’ll be better off than we were with Anthony Morelli. I think it would be pretty hard for either of these guys to have as many crucial turnovers as Morelli.

Which position not including quarterback is your biggest concern looking ahead to 2008?

The secondary is my biggest concern. They were good in 2006, but bad in 2007. Hopefully, last season was an aberration.

Lightning Round

Who is the early favorite to win the Big Ten in 2008?

Ohio State because they always are and know how to reload. I think Penn State makes a good run though.

How many Fulmer Cup points for Penn State this summer?

4 — I think they’ll get their act together for the most part.

Now that the offseason has begun, what will you keep your mind occupied with until fall practice?

I believe that college football is meant to help us get over the loss of summer. When football ends, we quickly have Thanksgiving, which helps us get over the loss of college football. December is so busy with the holidays we don’t have too much time to miss college football and pro football is actually interesting by then. The bowl games help us get over the end of the holidays. After the bowl game, I start thinking about skiing and followthe Capitals more closely. Once I get my skiing in, I’m ready for spring which leads thoughts of Nationals Opening Day. Then, the Blue White Game gets the football fires burning again, if only for a week. A few weeks after Blue White is the Yurasko Kentucky Derby Party. Then, I’m waiting for the pool to open and watching the Nats when I’m not bicycling. By the end of June, I’m desperate to go down the Shore. When I finally make it down the Shore, I read the Town & Gown Football Annual. The season starts not long after that and the cycle begins anew.

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