Capital Punishment found this Yeas & Nays article (The Wash. Examiner) about Chicago White Sox & Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf receiving an award from his alma mater, George Washington University. Reinsdorf took the occasion to note that he didn’t want the Expos to come to the nation’s capital.

“Whatever you do, don’t give me Washington,” he said Selig told him.

That’s exactly what they did, although Reinsdorf said the decision had “nothing to do with my love for D.C.” (he got his bachelor’s degree from G.W. in the ’50s) but was “strictly business.

Nevertheless, he said he preferred Northern Virginia over downtown due to its “better fan base.” Then he told the crowd, which included Nats principal owner Mark Lerner, that he “would have requested a different location” in the city.

“We were sold on the idea that there would be enough parking,” he said. “I’m afraid that’s not the case. I would have insisted on [the RFK site].”

Clearly these are words from a man who loves D.C. Also, as CP noted, he showed his love for D.C. when he strong-armed the city to hiring his son’s firm (for $3.7 million) as a ballpark consultant. What a jerk (actual word much stronger, but I try to keep it clean)!

The parking situation will be worked out eventually; a year or two of parking problems beats 30 years of having a Northern Virginia franchise that wouldn’t draw from east of the Potomac.

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