Schrag on Dulles-Tysons Metro situation

This morning, I asked Zachary Schrag, assistant professor of history at George Mason University and author of The Great Society Subway: A History of the Washington Metro, if he had any comments on the letter FTA chief James Simpson sent to Governor Kaine about the Dulles-Tysons Metro extension. Dr. Schrag responded:

In June 2007, James S. Simpson told the APTA Rail Conference, “we have one shot at building these projects; so we need to build them right and we need to build them to last. Perhaps by thinking big again, we can develop the kind of national consensus we need to assure that we get the kind of cities, and nation, that we want, and find the resources to pay for them.”
Remarks: James S. Simpson, Administrator, Federal Transit Administration, APTA Rail Conference, June 4, 2007

I find little of that approach in his January 24 letter to Governor Kaine. What does Simpson think Tysons Corner should look like a century from now? What does he think Loudoun County should look like a century from now? Unless he explain what kind of metropolitan area, and what kind of nation he wants, I don’t see how he can evaluate the Dulles Line proposal.

Thank you for you input Dr. Schrag.

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