My hopes that Barry Svrluga would become a columnist primarily focused on the Nationals have been dashed. Fishbowl DC reports that Svrluga will be the third reporter on the Redskins beat. That is a well-earned promotion for him in the sense that he’ll be at 16 games instead of 162, plus reporting on the top teams in the market.

I don’t have a problem with The Post having three writers on the Redskins beat, but I disagree with their decision to rarely run columns about the Nats, Capitals, and D.C. United. I think it reflects a poor editorial decision, particularly when they are still committing a beat-writer to cover a team ninety minutes away that is owned by someone who is openly antagonistic to D.C. It would be nice to have a Nats column other than Thomas Boswell‘s weekly one, wouldn’t it? The Caps don’t even get columns that frequently.

Going as far back as 2006, we’ve known that Svrluga would be leaving the beat this year. It sounds like he’ll be around for spring training and the early part of the season and then he is off to the Olympics in China. A new beat-writer is going to be groomed and the position appears to be open right now, so get your clips and resume together now. As for Svrluga, hopefully this is another stepping stone to his rightful place as a full-fledged columnist. He’ll have baseball, football, college basketball and even hockey (from his days with the News & Observer in Raleigh, I think) on his resume. We might see some real diversity of column topics in the Sports section if/when he gets his promotion.


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