It’s National Chili Day!

WTOP passed along some very important news this morning — today is National Chili Day! To celebrate, Hard Times Cafe is giving out free bowls of chili. They have locations throughout suburban Virginia and Maryland. They will have a D.C. location in Nationals Park too.*

I’ll see if I can get more details at lunch time.

UPDATED 6:55 p.m.: I went to the Old Town Hard Times to get my free chili. It turns out you have to make a purchase to get the free chili. Not a big deal, since you want something to drink with chili anyway. I had a Hard Times draft root beer with a bowl of Texas chili. Not bad for under $3 total. I was disappointed with the slow service though, it took several minutes for the bartender to acknowledge me. Had I not been getting a mostly free meal, I would have been out of there.

*I still need to comment on the recently announced ballpark food offerings. I’ll get to that soon.

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