Woo hoo! My parents won one of the second-chance lotteries for Opening Night tickets and let me have them. Thanks!

I actually didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about the Nats yesterday. The Cherry Blossoms and Newseum preview took up just about all of the daylight hours, so I didn’t even get to read too many of the articles. I did see a lot of curly W’s* out all day long though which was great to see. I didn’t catch any of the exhibition though, but since I am going tonight, I’m glad I will see the park in its completed form in person, rather than on TV.

If you are going to the game, leave early. I’ve updated my Nationals Park information post.

If you are staying home, the game is at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

A few random predictions

First Nationals hit: Lastings Milledge will homer — why not shoot for the moon?

Final regular season record: 76-86 A little better, but the increased offense is offset by pitching not being quite as good in a smaller park

Division standing: 4th

Batting average: Nick Johnson

Total bases: Ryan Zimmerman

Most starts: Tim Redding

Attendance: 2.8 million

Sellouts: 16

*I also saw a LOT of redheads. Seriously, I don’t think I have ever seen so many redheads in one day ever.

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