Unfortunately, too many Penn State football players are getting in trouble with the law these days. Given the alarming frequency that this is happening, I think Penn State bloggers like me need to get something started.

The “award” is named for E.Z. Smith, a former offensive lineman who got busted by the same cop for an open container violation on consecutive weekends. Later he was involved in shooting an arrow through a dorm room wall. Unlike the more famous Fulmer Cup, created by EDSBS, voting will be subjective. The intent to embarrass players who make poor decisions that reflect poorly on my alma mater — make Penn State look bad and we’ll return the favor. I want to work out some specifics and welcome the input of other Penn Staters.

Andrew Quarless, who just got picked-up for DUI, is an obvious nomination. As this was his second alcohol related incidient, and a more seriously one at that, he needs to be shamed.

Hopefully, no new contenders will emerge.

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