Work starts on deadly U.S.15/Route 581 rampPatriot-News
Construction on one of the more annoying and dangerous interchanges on one of the roads to Happy Valley has started. Within 75 days, the cloverleaf ramp from US 15 North to PA 581 West/US 11 South will be closed, replaced by a signalized left-turn lane. It will be safer, but is not ideal. I was hoping there would be a flyover ramp from US 15 North to PA 581 West/US 11 South, but as noted previously, PennDOT’s cost-benefit analysis determined it wasn’t worthwhile.

I believe they will have to reevaluate that decision within five years of the interchange’s reconstruction.

Author: WFY

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  1. You should check out a design I drew up and posted that would only need one new ramp to be constructed that would eliminate the need for the traffic signal. I believe that you are correct that the traffic counts will warrant the need for further improvements. The design I have drawn up is on youtube page USRoads – US 11/15 at PA 581 interchange. Any comments welcome! Cheers!

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