I like cheesesteaks and despite it being Hate the Flyers Fortnight (more or less, why do the NHL and NBA stetch 7 games series out so long?), I’m still going to alert you to a list of the best cheesesteaks in the Philly area, birthplace of the cheesesteak. I like the cheesesteaks and I won’t let even the thuggish Flyers ruin that for me.

The list is compiled by WIP, the radio station that invented the dark morning of the soul known as Wing Bowl (ESPN Page 2). That fact either proves WIP is perfectly qualified to judge cheesesteaks or should never be taken seriously ever under any circumstances.

My favorite, Jim’s Steaks, comes in at #12 out of #45. Geno’s, which I had on Opening Day 2005, comes in at #35, an assessment I cannot fault. I have not yet been to Geno’s 9th and Passayunk rival, Pat’s, but maybe I need not bother since it comes in so low at #42. I’ve been curious about #8 Tony Luke’s and #30 Rick’s, but apparently I to go to John’s Roast Pork if I want the best.

H/T After 45 cheesesteaks, the best were …The Inky

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