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My dad sent me this story about diners in New Jersey. There are over 600 of them, making Jersey the diner capital of the U.S. He also adds commentary:

The Mastoris Diner (mentioned in the article) in Bordentown was owned by the family of a schoolmate at Peddie.

My favorite Jersey diners were Weequaic in Newark (I believe the original diner), Swingles in Hillside on RT 22., and OLGA’s at the Marlton Circle.

Swingles by the way designed and constructed diners.

The Amphora in Vienna, Va. is very close to a Jersey Diner and I understand that the Manhattan Diner in Fairfax is very good. We will have to try it.

(By the way, my mouth is actually watering for a piece of coconut cream pie from the Weequaic diner.)

In Jersey, if you wanted a good filling meal at a decent price, you headed for the diner. Back in the day, I did a lot of hitchhiking and diners were a great resource! There goes the watery mouth thing again when I thought of the world’s freshest eggs at Swingles. They were brought in from a farm every morning.
Hell, they may have still been warm from the chicken!

I do not have a specific favorite, but I’ve eaten in diners all over Jersey. I remember there was a great Absolute ad with a stainless steel diner shaped like a bottle that said “ABSOLUTE JERSEY.”

SIDEBAR: Where to Go, What to Know

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