The new is here. There is a fair amount of video now and it is embeddedable. The “newscube” treatment on the front page is kind of a 3-D spin on the rotating tabs that most papers use. There are links in the cube stories to related themes (tags more or less) and other stories. That is a nice feature, but on the stories themselves, there are not related stories.

There are dozens of RSS feeds, but there is not a feed specifically for the Nationals, something I was expecting. There is a baseball feed, but I don’t want to clog Google Reader with stories about other teams like the Orioles. I also don’t think the “Themes” area is working as it is supposed to yet.

Overall the design seems kind of dated. The content area is barely 800 pixels wide, over 100 fewer pixels than many contemporary designs. They also appear to have migrated out of the Saxotech content management system. Right now, there are some problem with the section fronts delivering the same content every time they are refreshed. For example, I had seen a story about Ryan Zimmerman’s shoulder on the Sports front, but after I read a different story and returned to the Sports front, the Zimmerman story was gone.

So far, the new is okay, but they have some bugs to work out. I will check back in several weeks and see how it has come along.

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