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In an effort to control the message and provide “unfiltered” coverage of the Redskins, owner Dan Snyder has purchased WTEM, the market’s original sports radio station.

Since taking over the Redskins in 1999, Snyder has made a number of deals to control both the media and the message. In addition to purchasing the Triple X radio stations in late 2005, the Redskins buy time on local TV stations to air upbeat, magazine-style shows such as “Redskins Game Day” that are produced by the team.

That is a pretty tame way of putting it. Snyder comes off as incredibly petty and insecure about himself and his team. Once again, he has bought his way out of criticism, if there is even much of it on WTEM; I don’t know, because I don’t listen to sports radio.

One wonders how Snyder would hold up in a media market that did not provide so much favorable coverage of the team. Clearly, he doesn’t see it, but I think reasonable people realize that the Redskins have traditionally been subject to coverage that is far from harsh. Can you imagine Snyder owning a team in a place like New York or Philly? He couldn’t have handle it.

Snyder has faced some backlash over the years, but not enough that he hasn’t been able to fill FedEx Field every Sunday. He has the luxury of a devoted fanbase and a season-ticket waiting list that has spanned generations. Moves like this though and the mediocre gameday experience is probably going to cut it into that soon. Ten years from now, he could find himself in a really tough spot, maybe five if the Redskins can’t win regularly.

Lastly, I wonder if Bonneville is going to switch 3WT to sports radio. They have very little original programming now and already carry the Nats and Caps. They must be thinking about it a little bit.

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