Filmmaker: “I suspect that Hunter would have liked Obama”Romenesko
A question I asked in the Talking With Alex Gibney chat got picked up by Poynter Online’s Romenesko blog. Here is the question:

Western Alexandria: Near the end of his life, Thompson was quite angry about the Bush presidency. I kind of get the feeling that he would have been very pleased by the Obama run.

Alex Gibney: I do think you’re right. I suspect that Hunter would have liked Obama. He seems to capture the same kind of idealism that Hunter responded to with Robert F. Kennedy and George McGovern.

Actually, I know Thompson would have been all over the Obama campaign, but he chose to blow his head off in 2005. Back then, I said it was a “logical end to an illogical life” and while I still maintain that is true, I was not defending his decision. Suicide is a the most selfish act and had he not made that decision, he would finally have a candidate he could believe in. The joke’s on him I guess, so in other words teenage suicide gonzo journalist suicide, don’t do it.

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