If you did your job as well as Lenny Harris…

…would you still have it?

The Nationals cannot hit. How many consecutive scoreless innings did they have in the last week? About 20, if I recall correctly. Sure, there are injuries, but no one was hitting before they got hurt and none of the replacements are either. Harris, who had never been a hitting coach at any level before taking the position last season, shares some of the blame. He probably won’t suffer any consequences for it though, because he was a Cincy Red when Jim Bowden was general manager there. You remember, Bowden’s nearly decade long tenure there right? More than a handful of former Reds as part of the organization. It would be one thing if the Reds had a stretch with multiple pennants like say, the Yankees, but they had one measly playoff appearance. So, when while we ponder Harris’ job, it is yet again time ponder how the guy who hired him is doing.

I don’t expect any changes during the season, but if the Nats don’t improve significantly, there needs to be some housekeeping come October.


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