Blue White Roundtable: Going Coastal

Wow, football season is days away. I can’t believe it is already here.

This week’s questions are from me.

1. What are you optimistic about this season (Anthony Morelli running out of eligibility does not count)?

I am very optimistic about the offensive line. I have every expectation that this will be the best offensive line since I was a wee underclassman in the mid-90s. Good lines make average quarterbacks look pretty good most of the time and with Evan Royster and Stephfon Green providing some thunder-and-lightning at running back this offense could be very powerful.

2. What are you pessimistic about this season?

I don’t think I am pessimistic about any particular unit, though I have concerns about the secondary. Linebacking will not be the strength we are used to — at least initially without Sean Lee, but Ron Vanderlinden has been churning out good linebackers lately, so I’m hoping that continues. I understand there will probably be a little learning curve, but the early season schedule should be good for getting through that phase.

My pessimism is reversed for the coaching staff. The defense gives too much of a cushion on wideouts and the offense has Jay Paterno calling a lot of the play. My biggest concern is that Joe Paterno has lost the will to win, best evidenced by last year’s Michigan game when he went conservative and predictable wheb the way to beat Micigan was pretty obvious.

3. Who is the most important player on either side of the ball?

Daryll Clark will be the focus of the offense, because when isn’t the quarterback? I am also looking at Derrick Williams to live up to the hype. On defense, I think is a toss-up between MLB Josh Hull and CB Lydell Sargent. Hull is a walk-on playing the “quarterback” for the defense, while Sargent has to prove his is not a liability in the secondary.

Lightning Round

How many games are you going to this season?

Probably one, maybe two. The cost and nine-hour roundtrip is just too much with an infant. I missed only half-a-dozen home games in the last ten years knowing that this would happen, so I’m cool with it.

Do you have Big11Ten Network?

Yes, I just signed up for the $5 a month sports tier to get it.

Where is Coastal Carolina located?

Conway, S.C. near Myrtle Beach — I stopped there in February and scouted the place out. [flickr : my photos tagged with ccu/slideshow]

What record will Penn State have on January 9?

10-3. I will provide more insight to that prediction on Friday, so be sure to check back. I will also have a compilation of media predictions from the Town & Gown Football Annual and hopefully Blue White Illustrated. If anybody has the BWI predictions, please send them to me at the E-mail link below. I’m sure Phil Grosz will say 12-1.

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