*warning – painfully obvious question alert* Penn State gets its first ‘real’ test this weekend facing a ranked opponent when the Fighting [None-Offensive-Mascot]s come to town. Gaze into your crystal ball and give us a short description on how Saturday night’s events will unfold. Or if you’re lazy just fire up NCAA 2009 and tell us what the Xbox thinks.

I think the game is a bit of a shootout for a quarter or so, before Penn State settles down, starts stopping Illinois and runs the ball an awful lot. The student section will not be full at the start of the fourth quarter (or the first in all likelihood).

Saturday’s game is on the big stage at 8:00 with most of the football world watching. It’s a white out and Penn State is favored by two scores (as of Monday). Is this a lose-lose situation (the only way they could look good is by winning big) for Penn State or golden opportunity to show the world what the Spread HD is all about?

Apparently, it won’t be my part of the football world as Virginia Tech vs. Nebraska takes precedence in the D.C. TV market which means *grumble, grumble* I have to get GamePlan. Anyway, I don’t see it being lose-lose. An ugly win in September is forgotten in November.

Now that all the fluff questions are out of the way do Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma get significant playing time?

Well, they will not start, that much is certain. The better Penn State does, the more I expect them to play.

Lightening Round

Back in 2007, Illinois Basketball fans made my skull crack open in rage slightly angered me when they befouled the statue of Joe Paterno. Do you hate the Illini like me or not so much?

I don’t hate Illinois like you do, but maybe I should. Their program has been an afterthought all but about two seasons since Penn State joined the Big11Ten.

It’s a night game please quantify the amount of alcohol you will consume before gametime (if you don’t drink please quantify the amount of fatty foods you will eat).

Quantify? Quantity is vastly overrated – quality is the important part. I may have a serving prior to or during the game and ideally a bourbon to toast victory with following the game. The fatty foods will probably be limited to a couple of Nittany Lion franks soaked in beer and some sort of fried potato product. Granted, if I were at the game tailgating instead of watching from my couch, the quantity would be a little higher.

Put it on the line – final score: Check back tomorrow! Penn State wins though.

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