Ahoy, Zombie Nation provided t’ questions this week and I have answered them in t’ spirit o’ t’ greatest o’ all days, International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

1. Penn State has the best scoring offense (55.3 ppg) in the Big Ten, and top-five nationally. Of course, this has been against two bad teams and a mediocre Oregon State squad. This week’s Temple game should be another 40-plus game for the PSU offense. That being said, do you think this has been a fluke so far? Or is the Spread HD for real?

“Nay mate, I don’t think it be a fluke because t’ offensive line be probably t’ best we have seen since t’ mid-90s and t’ wideouts be all seniors who have been producin’ since 2005. Also, t’ QB whether it be Daryll Clark or Pat Devlin, be an upgrade over last year. It be too early t’ say that t’ Spread HD be for real, but at t’ bare minimum it be an improvement from last season.

2. If Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma are convicted, what are the chances Joe Paterno will play either by the Illinois game? What message does it send to the team, and the nation, if both players are given light punishments? Conversely, what if the punishments are seemingly too severe, like dismissal?

Arr, I think conviction equals a another game off matey, but that may be t’ end o’ it. Cap’n Paterno has handled this well so far by keepin’ them away from t’ team, but I think once t’ criminal justice system be done with them they sit no more than a game. I think I be okay with that kind o’ punishment, but I won’t be cryin’ in me grog if it be more harsh either.

3. Leadership has been a huge part of this year’s team’s ability to move past distractions. Who has to really step up this week and keep this team focused? How does the coaching staff figure into this, or should they just let the players handle it by themselves?

I question whether leadership has helped t’ team; perhaps t’ weakness o’ t’ opposition has more t’ do with it than anythin’ else. Obviously, t’ cap’ns have t’ step fore, but with Anthony Scirrioto bein’ one o’ them, I be very skeptical o’ that workin’ out. Sean Lee seems t’ be more o’ a leader than Dan Connor was tho’ so that may offset Sciriotto a bit. Ultimately, I think each individual swabby has t’ decide for himself that he be goin’ t’ live up t’ expectations.

Lightening Round

Penn State throws its first interception this week?

Probably, I think t’ team will taste t’ slightest bit o’ adversity this week.”

Evan Royster’s YPC vs. Temple?

6.4 ypc

Coke or Pepsi?

Pepsi wins out every day o’ t’ week and twice on Saturday.”

Th’ bilge rats:

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Pepsi wins out every day o’ t’ week and twice on Saturday.”
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