Yankee Stadium’s last game

Rather than put together a huge link dump on the final game at Yankee Stadium, I’ll just point to the newspaper sites Yankees coverage.

YankeesThe Times
YankeesNY Daily News
YankeesNY Post

A few thoughts:

  • No Bob Sheppard today 🙁
  • The last game should have been scheduled for the day, not at 8:05 p.m. Of course, I’ll get to see some of it this way since I am going to the Nats game this afternoon.
  • The opponent should have been the Red Sox or at least a team that had been around in 1923. Baltimore were not in the majors then.
  • This game should have been on the last day of the season, not today.
  • I am in no hurry to see the new Yankee Stadium. I don’t want to go up there until after the current one has been completely removed. Seeing half a Yankee Stadium still standing sounds very depressing.


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