As alluded to by the Maryland Bureau Chief, Carroll H. Cook (’54 Pitt) wants to ruin my weekend, season.

Tyler (Columbus Ohio): Hey Beano, what is your prediction on the Ohio State vs. Penn State game this weekend? Will the winner be in the BCS championship if they win out?

SportsNation Beano Cook: I think if the winner is PSU, Penn State will play for the national title. I think it’s unlikely that if OSU wins that they will play for the national title. They will play in the Rose Bowl. My feeling here is that PSU will win.

Beano picked Penn State last week too and shockingly, the Nittany Lions won. Can he be accurate two weeks in a row or will he regress to the mean (i.e. reverse lock)?

joE long island ny: Beano- Is Terrelle Pryor really ready to beat a top team like PSU? His passing skills are clearly not fully developed and while his last minute drive against Wiscy was super impressive-that Defense does not compare to what he will be facing Saturday night.

SportsNation Beano Cook: I don’t think OSU will beat PSU, but I don’t think he will be the reason. I think PSU is a better team. They have an outstanding OL and plays defense well enough to win.

Ohio State looked pretty good last week though, crushing Michigan State by about 40 points. OSU knows how to create turnovers and frankly, Penn State is putting the ball on the ground too much.

Isaiah (Denver, CO): Yo Beans, who are you top 3 for the Heisman so far?

SportsNation Beano Cook: I would say Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow, Darryl Clark.

Really? I am impressed with Clark but he is not in the same league as those other two.

kelly highland, ca.: Whose your pick for the BCS title game?

SportsNation Beano Cook: Well, before the season began, I said USC against Florida. That was my original pick. Let’s get that straight. If you asked me right now, I would say Penn State against Texas.


Tim (happy valley, PA): How will the game go for psu on saturday? are they gonna start out on fire or is it going to take a quarter or so to loosen up?

SportsNation Beano Cook: No, I think PSU will win 31-14.

SportsNation Beano Cook: I picked Penn State to play for the national title last year, it was one year too early. Everyone thought Joe Paterno was washed up, but I never felt that way and still don’t.

That is a good question because the Lions have not started out well a few times this year and being on the road at night suggests it could happen again.

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