Zombie Nation submitted the questions this week.

1. Name one unit-to-unit match up Penn State must win Saturday. How
does PSU win that battle?

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for Penn State to win the battle of kick-holding. So few people realize that how well a team holds the ball for field goal and PATs is decides 96% of college football games.

The offesnive line battle is also pretty important I understand. I think Penn State wins it easily.

2. This trip to Purdue is setting up to be a classic trap game. Do you
agree? Why or why not?

I absolutely agree that this is a trap game. Sandwich between a big night game (which is it just me, shouldn’t have been quite the big deal it was given that it was only September?) and an upcoming big game on the road, Penn State will probably be looking ahead. Actually, they will probably be looking ahead at some point, as this is a noon kickoff and they will still be looking behind at the start.

3. Purdue will be doing a “Black Out” this week. Putting aside that
it’s going to raise money for charity (each shirt sold sends money to
United Way), what are your feelings on other schools organizing
“[insert color here] Outs?”

I think color outs are not as big a deal as everyone makes them out to be. Are football players really intimidated when the see everyone wearing the same color? I guess it pumps the players up a bit. Before we get too proud, let’s note that some teams like Nebraska and hockey’s Washington Capitals get monochromatic in the stands without getting free t-shirts.

Lightening Round.

Royster over 100 yards?


Curtis Painter throws first TD ever vs. PSU?

Pat Devlin gets meaningful playing time?

No, unless Clark gets hurt. Have you noticed the “PLAY DEVLIN” chatter has calmed down a little bit?

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