Nats320 says that the Nationals will have new road uniforms next year.

Now the big change, something I did not expect, but my source tells me is true. The Gray “Washington” Away Jersey from Years 2005 to 2008 is Retired.

In it’s place will be a Gray “Washington” Script Away Jersey. A capitalized Curly “W” with “ashington” in lower case script. This design is similar to The Washington “Senators” of the Mid to Late 1960’s and Early 70’s. The script will also contain a swooshing line extending from “N” in the last word of “Washington” and back under the entire City Name. Interesting note–The Gold Trim is reportedly GONE from this particular Script “Washington” Jersey Front. But, no confirmation on whether the Jersey Back Numbers will have Gold Trim.

I like the idea of a script “Washington” instead of the block “WASHINGTON” on the road uniforms. Washington is too long a word to use the same typeface as the home uniforms.

Also, the red DC jersey will be replaced by a red curly W jersey. There will be a blue DC jersey for special occasions that involve the stars and stripes cap which will presumably have the interlocking DC as well instead of the curly W from last year.

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Author: WFY

Yet another Washingtonian pushing the ubiquitous Nats/DC sports, Penn State, commuting, bicycling, kayaking, broomball, skiing, gin & tonic agenda.

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