Maker's Mark
I finally found an appropriate occasion to break open this bottle of Maker’s Mark that I got in summer 2007. You may recall that I went to a special event in Northwest D.C. that featured bottles of Maker’s Mark being dipped in blue wax and signing by Washington Senators legend Frank Howard. Ah the symbolism is as delicious as the bourbon in the bottle — blue over scarlet. Adding to that is the fact that Howard is an alumnus of Ohio State. Sweet!

Penn State won a tough, tough football game tonight. Both teams played well and the defenses were stout. The Nittany Lions made true freshman QB Tyrelle Pryor, the one we are suppossed to be crying about not getting, make true freshman mistakes — a fumble in his own territory and an interception to seal the game for the visitors their first in Columbus in thirty years! Navarro Bowman is a beast! They are already celebrating in Beaver Canyon (CDT) too.

I am looking forward to Monday morning when I get to talk to all of those folks in Ohio. Oh and college football fans everywhere, you can thank us for preventing another BCS championship appearance for the Buckeyes — you owe us one.

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