Carroll H. Cook (’54 Pitt) has not lost any determination to jinx Penn State’s 2008 season.

Matt (Miami, FL): Beano, give me YOUR top 3 teams and why you ranked them up there.

SportsNation Beano Cook:
Well, Alabama-1, Texas Tech-2, Penn State-3. They are all undefeated. In the old days, we would say untied. Texas Tech over Penn State because of schedule.

What is so great about Texas Tech’s schedule? They play in a conference that does not believe in defense.

Adam (pittsburgh, pa): The big ten looks pretty weak and PSU scheduled an absolutely awful non-con schedule, so do you see a big ten or SEC champ with one loss both passing PSU? I know the nation is scared PSU may be another Ohio State from the last two years, and people tend to think Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma are all more deserving than PSU.

SportsNation Beano Cook: You mean Big 12 or SEC? If there are two teams with 12-0 records they will play for the national title among the BCS schools. Alabama and/or Texas Tech will have to lose.

I think he is right.

Paul (Iowa): Tell me Iowa has a chance against Penn State this weekend.

SportsNation Beano Cook:
I said that Penn State has to be alert. This could be a very tough game. I still feel Penn State will win. Let em say it one more time, Penn State will play for the national title. Let me say it one more time…Penn State will play for the national title.

Beano saying that is like being stabbed…twice. With his track record, you almost wonder if he cases Dixie and Pixie around the hosue all day.

jb (suwanee ga): Beano, Soup or Salad (must have been bad Clam Chowder) – how can you say TT over Penn St because of schedule. The big ten is down and maybe even worse than bad briscut BUT TT playing Mass, W Washington, Nevada, (I know must be the daunted SMU mustangs) – that schedule in the end might be better – BUT not now.Eric, Baltimore: JoePa: a) Retire if you win the Ntl Championship b) Retire if you make it to the Title Game c) Retire Regardless d) Return Next Year (Regardless of this season)

SportsNation Beano Cook: I think he will be the coach next year unless he retires due to physical problems.

SportsNation Beano Cook: Soup today for lunch. I know that is an important question.

ACtually, not you skipped the important part of the question. Saying Texas Tech has a better schedule does not look so bright now, does it?

Of course, all of this Penn State BCS talk makes me uncomfortable since they still have to win three more times. Those three games will not just be handed to Penn State like a number of people assume.

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