Penn State elms in grave danger

Disease threatens to wipe out Penn State elmsCDT
The stately, century-old elm trees on Penn State’s campus are in danger of falling victim to elm yellows. The disease, spread by the elm leafhopper insect, has no cure. According to a University Relations, the prospect of losing what is perhaps the nation’s largest strand of elms is very real if not likely.

This saddens me tremendously, I really enjoyed the elms on the Allen Street Mall between the University Gate and the Pattee library. I admired them from my favorite spot in front of Carnegie building and really hope they can be saved. Over the years I have given to the Class of 1996 Elm endowment, but I fear it won’t be enough.

UNIVERSITY RELATIONS PRESS RELEASE: Tests show elm yellows disease still threatens campus trees | Frequently Asked Questions about Elm Yellows and the Penn State Elms | Still Life: Elm yellows disease threatens campus trees

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