Since my blogging is ultimately at the convenience of BloggerTM , I have no idea when this pre-Rose Bowl episode of Blue White Roundtable will actually appear. Anyway, this week’s questions come from Zombie Nation.

1. Let’s play a little catch up. How huge was the Kevin Newsome
pickup, and what should Penn State do with him in 2009? Is there
another commit you’re particularly excited about, besides Newsome?

I am not excited about any recruits because recruiting is not my thing. I would rather be following other sports that are actually playing when Penn State football is out of season. That being said, Penn State really needed a QB after Pat Devlin decided he’d rather be a Blue Hen than a Nittany Lion, so this good news.

2. You’ve heard a lot about how Penn State doesn’t have a shot in hell at beating USC. “The USC defense is the best ever… The Big Ten can’t
win Rose Bowls… Penn State lost to lowly Iowa…” Tell us why any of
those arguments don’t pass the rationality test.

Penn State has an offense that was limited by only two things this year — the playcalling on the road and Daryll Clark‘s concussion. That being said, USC is scary good, but not as good as previous editions. Penn State’s pass rush is probably the key to the game. They need to pressure USC QB Matt Sanchez so that he cannot pick apart the secondary.

3. Pick one win this season that best exemplifies what Penn State must do in each facet of the game (example: Passing vs. MSU), to win the
Rose Bowl. Pick for passing, rushing, special teams, pass defense, run
defense, play-calling/coaching.

Let’s be realistic, Penn State is not likely to throw the ball as well against USC as they did against MSU. I’d love to see them pass that way. I’d like to see coaching adjustments like the Michigan game and a pass rush like that game too. Safetys are good.


Penn State # of scores vs. USC (touchdowns, field goals, anything)…

Two touchdowns, three field goals

USC # of scores vs. PSU…

Two touchdowns, two field goals

I guess that means I have a prediction.

Joe Paterno finishes his 3-yr contract?
This one or the one he signs in three years?

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