According to birthday boy Steve Anderson’s, the 11th Street Bridge in Southeast D.C. will be likely renumbered to I-695 as part of the new interchange with the Anacostia Freeway. Historically, the 11th Street Bridge (technically the Corporal Kevin J. Walsh Memorial Bridge) has been I-295, though it is not really signed that way. Current signs suggest that I-295 ends/begins at the 11th Street Bridge with DC 295 continuing northbound. The Southeast Freeway east of I-395 is technically I-695, but it has never been posted. I wonder if the extension of the I-695 designation means we will finally get to see some I-695 shields posted. The reason I-695 may not be posted is to avoid confusion with Maryland’s I-695 which is about 31 miles north of the 11th Street Bridge via Anacostia Freeway/Baltimore Washington Parkway. Seeing two different interstate highways only 31 miles apart could add to motorist confusion I think, though both D.C. and Baltimore have freeways called I-395. Only one road, I-95, intersects both I-395s though and those interchanges are 60 miles apart.

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