PSU scents now available Venues/The Collegian
I missed the news that a Penn State fragence is being released the first time around, but it hit the AP this week and a few people have let me know about it. Thank you.

With her knowledge of Penn State’s quintessential elements — the mascot, colors, traditions and landmarks — Masich approached renowned perfumers in New York City and asked them to formulate a signature scent for Penn State. She also brought photos of the campus and samples of trees and plants found on walkways that capture the spirit of the University, she said.

Generally when I think of the smell of Penn State, I think of…farms. Penn State is a land grant university and sometimes we are reminded of that very strongly. However, lately Penn State smells like roses 🙂

By the way there is now a Penn State branded version of every product other than brandy snifters.


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