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Frank Howard was let go from the “lifetime” contract he signed with George Steinbrenner when the sons took over, something Howard does not seem to mind too much. Since he is available, the Nationals have to hire him, period. It would be a good step on fixing the franchise’s identity problem.

Frank Howard holding a "Frank Howard Little League" bat
Frank Howard with a fan in 2007

I have met Frank Howard and if all he does is hold court on the concourse in he is worth the money for the goodwill he will build for the franchise. Howard is the greatest living Washington baseball player. He is a marvelous storyteller and can provide 50 years worth of wisdom to the players and front office now and then. Give him the same kind of role Don Zimmer has with the Rays. Have a big press conference with Howard holding up a #33 jersey too. You could sell more than a few of those too.

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