No. 5 Trojans win seventh straight Pac-10 titleESPN
So much for my idea that USC giving up to timeouts to wear their cardinal jerseys was the kind of hubris that could motivate UCLA. It did not matter because UCLA cooperated and took a time-out to nullify the loss of timeout penalty that USC was given for not wearing white. Final score 28-7.

It did look good though.

So, Penn State and USC play for the first time since Kickoff Classic 2000. I was there at the Meadowlands that day when the Trojans dominated the Nittany Lions (The Collegian). It foretold bad things, like a loss to Toledo the following week. Seriously, I was telling Brad and he-who-must-not-be-named that Toledo must be licking their chops.

It was a different story in the 1996 Kickoff Classic when Penn State crushed USC (The Collegian) and came within a few seconds of a shutout. They also played a few other times in 1990s if I am not mistaken. I am sure there will be plenty of official releases in the next couple of days detailing the series.

I am pretty sure that Penn State will be the home team, so expect to see blue jerseys. I doubt USC will try to wear cardinal for this one, but if they do, I am sure Joe Paterno will let them burn two timeouts. 🙂

By the way, I miss the Kickoff Classic. It was great for Penn State, like another bowl game almost, just in the heat and humidity of North Jersey in August. I recall that the Nittany Lions played there about ten times in a 20 year span, including twice in ’96. I also saw them play Rutgers there in ’95. It was a second home for PSU.

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