So, Mark Teixiera is headed to my AL club (ESPN) and not my NL one. This makes sense for me since Teixiera would not make the Nationals champions in the short-term and not even in the long-term by himself. I was not crazy about a contract that big from the Nationals at this point in The Plan (if it still exists).

As a Yankee Teixiera can be an important part of the team without having to carry it. While he said no the Nats, he also spurned to his “hometown” Orioles. Hey, Peter Angelo$ you lose!

The Yankees better win it all this year.

Silver lining for D.C. fans — good relations (if that is possible) with uber agent Scott Boras. Will that mean a discount with the #1 pick, Steven Strasberg. Of course not, but at least they have an idea of how to deal with the agent.

Now, can we just move on?

NOTA BENE: I have been trying to get this to appear for hours, blogger and my have not been talking to each other for some reason.

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