The No Way Out House

The 1987 film, No Way Out, is a good Washington/Cold War thriller that holds up pretty well, despite some glaring location errors (mostly about Metro), cheesy synthesizer music that belongs in bad sci-fi and Sean Young. Additionally, No Way Out opens with a tracking shot directly over my old apartments in The Potomac at Riverhouse* in Pentagon City. That shot ends on a house on Arlington Ridge Road where the protagonist, played by Kevin Costner, is being interrogated. A while back Fritz and I went looking for the house, but it is long gone. Fritz, who still lives in Pentagon City (his building was barely visible in the movie) found the location of the former house and wrote about it, so go there and read about it. Good detective work Fritz.

Oh and here is the opening of the movie with the tracking shot over the old, barely developed Pentagon City:

*Technically, my father’s appartment too, as he lived there when it was called Riverhouse II.

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