While I prefer College Football, I find myself occasionally watching the NFL. It was not always that way though. Through my freshmen year of college, Sunday football was appointment television. I even borrowed a housemate’s TV every weekend during the fall. For about 15 years I even had a favorite team — the Dallas Cowboys. Yes, that made for an interesting childhood growing up in the D.C. suburbs, though I will note that Northern Virginians while disappointed with my choice generally handled it well, as it met they had a rival to talk trash with though we didn’t call it talkin’ trash in third grade. Pennsylvanians however, did not handle well at all, just belligerent and hateful about the whole thing.

Anyway, I have asked Editor-at-Large Maxamillian Schlorndorf to interview me about this decision.

MS: The Redskins?

WFY: I know, weird isn’t it?

MS: But you were a die-hard Dallas Cowbooys fan growing up. It kind of defined you, to a fault even.

WFY: Ya, I know.

MS: How could you abanndon the ‘boys?

WFY: All the players I liked grew old and retired. Even seeing them on Thanksgiving day does not arouse one bit of sentiment. I have never been to Texas. Besides, Penn State football is much more important. Even Yale (my dad’s alma mater) has been getting me more excited than the Cowboys for several years.

MS: So why adopt the Skins?

WFY: I want to be ideologically consistent and root for the home team (and the Yankees) across the board . I think it will set a good example for my son too, though he gets to make his own decisions on who he likes.

What other team would I adopt? The only other places I have lived were North Jersey (for about the first two years of my life) and two parts of Pennsylvania for college. The only possible choice based on those locales would be the Giants, but if I am going to switch NFC East teams, I might as well go for the local one. I know all of the history too.

MS: The Redskins are not much a choice though. I mean they are owned by Dan Snyder.

WFY: Yes, the Dan Snyder factor is defintely an issue — it seems he’s more interested in making money off the team and controlling the message than winning. However, he has been behaving a little better since Joe Gibbs came back. I am not excusing his behavior though, I am adopting the Redskins despite him owning them.

It should also be noted that my friend David paved the way to this by becoming a Redskins fan in his 20s. I figure if he can make that leap, so can I.

MS: When did the switch happen?

WFY: It kind of began when Gibbs came back. It was a reminder of my childhood. Also, the book True Believers by Joe Queenan made a compelling case for rooting for the home team.

MS: Didn’t True Believers also make the case you are never allowed to switch teams?

WFY: Yes, I almost sent Queenan a letter asking for a ruling on the matter. I was going to make the case, cite 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 and so forth. Then I would ask him if his answer would be at all different if former team was the Dallas Cowboys.

MS: So, will you be buying Redskins jerseys and all of that?

WFY: Doubtful, unless it is ironic. More likely might be an ironic t-shirt like the ones Mr. Irrelevant sells. No money for Dan Snyder. Besides, I’m not big on burgundy and gold, I like blue.

MS: Well, you will at least be watching all the games right?

WFY: Not necessarily. I might turn them on when I get a chance, but ultimately, I don’t have any appointment television outside of Penn State football.

MS: At least you will hate the Cowboys now, right? You are going to renounce your past.

WFY: Nope, in fact I won’t hate any NFC East team. I am pro-Northeast Corridor and even rooted for the Giants in the Super Bowl last year. I am pretty dismissive of the Eagles though.

I am not going to renounce following the Cowboys either. I will still look back fondly at those teams and players, especially Danny White, Bill Bates, Jim Jeffcoat, etc. I reserve the right to wear a Cowboys jersey while I am eating a turkey leg on the couch during the fourth quarter of the Thanksgiving game.

MS: Who do you even like on the Redskins?

WFY: I am pro-Jim Zorn, I think is a refreshing kind of head coach, though he ought to start winning again. Oh and Sonny on the radio team because, well he is Sonny.

MS: How about some actual players?

WFY: Chris Cooley is pretty fun and Jason Campbell has a shot at being a solid quarterback. Clinton Portis can be entertaining and plays with heart.

MS: Sounds like you are not much of a Redskins fan?

WFY: Pretty much, I think of myself as more as a Washington fan than anything. In the past I called myself “The World’s Most Casual Hockey Fan” which really isn’t true anymore, so how about I call myself the “The World’s Most Casual Redskins Fan” instead? My emotional investment will be seriously lower than the Nationals and Capitals, probably about the same level as the Wizards and D.C. United.

MS: You gave this a lot of thought, didn’t you?

WFY: Waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much.

MS: Anything else you want to add?

WFY: They should wear the right color combinations instead of going monochromatic. Oh and beat Baltimore on Sunday night.


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