The greatest Redskin of all (if not the greatest D.C. athlete ever), Sammy Baugh, died last night. For some reason, did not feature this news above the scroll as of 9:45 a.m. Their local competitors and both had Baugh in their carousels. On the print edition, Baugh’s passing is only noted at the bottom. The front page of The Wash. Times has the news on the fold. Even the Philly Daily News had Baugh’s passing noted on the back (sports) page.

Baugh made football in this town and revolutionized passing. He was also one of the greatest punters of all time and an excellent defensive back. His #33 is the only number officially retired by the Redskins. He was the only quarterback to lead the Redskins to multiple titles (1937 and 1942). I hope the Redskins honor him with a #33 patch on their uniforms for the rest of the season.

Depending on the source, Baugh may have never returned to Washington after retiring in 1952, preferring life on his Texas ranch.

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Sammy Baugh, early Redskins great, diesThe Wash. Times

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