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Philadelphia Eagles over MINNESOTA VIKINGS
Philly is hot and can probably put off the inevitable meltdown at least a week. That game is not yet sold out either, shame on you Minnesotans.

ARIZONA CARDINALS over Atlanta Falcons
Kurt Warner finds a way to win one more playoff game, the first home game for the Cards since they were in some mid-western city, though I cannot remember which one.

Indianapolis Colts over SAN DIEGO CHARGERS

Norv Turner vs. Peyton Manning in the playoffs — this will not end well. Bandwagon fans in Indiana get to soak up another win from a team they never deserved. The upside for the Chargers are they get to stay in San Diego while Colts will be punished by going back to Indiana.

Baltimore Ravens over MIAMI DOLPHINS
Baltimore’s defense > Miami’s wildcat offense, but thanks for being interesting.

A similar consolation for the Chargers applies to the Dolphins — the ocean temperature is 74° this time of year.

These picks are for recreational purposes only and should not be used by degenerate gamblers.

Next week, the semi-finals.

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