Thanks to Eckstein, Johnson Back in Swing of ThingsThe Post
Hitting coach Rick Eckstein is already making an impression::

Eckstein has a photographic memory, which means that if he watches a year’s worth of a hitter’s swings, he can point out, in an instant, when a hitter drops his head two inches. Or when he moves his hands three inches too high or too low. As he sat and watched video of Johnson, he “dreamed,” he said, scrambling every variable in Johnson’s swing and “formulating what I feel would be a potential base swing for him I put him in different positions in my mind, and I watch that swing happen in my mind.”

The Johnson referred to is of course, Nick Johnson, the sweet swinging, oft-injured first baseman.

Sounds like we’ve got a real hitting coach, perhaps the first one yet.

Nats stay positive, look ahead The Wash. Times
Rather than NatsTown, perhaps the slogan for 2009 out to be, “Really, It Can’t Be as Bad as ’08, Can It?” That seems to be the prevailing attitude in the clubhouse.

Confident That He’s Healthy Again, Hill Eyes Spot in RotationThe Post
You know spring is coming when you see the “Shawn Hill doesn’t think his arm will fall off this year” story. Hill has the tools to be a good pitcher, but he makes Nick Johnson look durable.

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