I saw this at the bottom of a Nationals Journal post:

Kory Casto: He added 15 pounds of muscle this offseason. The lean, sinewy player of last year is hidden somewhere under a lot of new bulk. I overheard a few guys talking about it yesterday, in fact — ‘Hey, you gotta see Casto.’ Well, today I saw. Evidently, he decided that if his future lies as a bench player, he might as well have some pop. “If I’m going to be a role player,” he said, “there’s no point in trying to be lean. Speed has never been my thing anyway. I might as well thump.” As he spoke, Casto had some kind of Russian iron “kettle bell” — it looked like a remnant of a shipwreck — right next to his locker. “I used to run on treadmills in the offseason, do distance running,” Casto said. “I stopped that. It was lunges, shuffles, stuff for explosiveness. Ninety minute workouts. Here’s the guy he worked out with: Dave McHenry.

I thought to myself, I wonder if that is the same Dave McHenry who played a few downs as quarterback in the 1996 Penn State vs. Northern Illinois game. Sure enough, after checking his Web site, he’s the same guy. McHenry is now a personal trainer in Portland, Oregon.

Odd, the things one remembers. I think McHenry wore #13.


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