Another ranking of teams from the four traditional big sports. Here is a look at how Washington franchises, minus D.C. United, did.

“Bizjournals analyzed the performances of all 122 franchises in the NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League in the 2008 calendar year. The top scores went to those teams that were strongest at the twin missions of professional sports — winning games and making money.”

41. Washington Capitals (10th in NHL) 41-60
42. Washington Redskins (12th in NFL) 41-60
82. Washington Wizards (19th in NBA) 81-100
113. Washington Nationals (28th in MLB) 101-120 only better than the Orioles and Pirates

I would expect the Capitals to rise in 2009, the Redskins to stay about the same, the Wizards to fall and the Nationals to rise. Three of these teams were in the playoffs in 2008, but none of them advanced. In 2009, it will likely be just one postseason appearance for Washington unless the Nats pull off a miracle. The Redskins have alerady missed the 2009 playoffs and the Wizards may be offically eliminated already.

I wish I could find the complete 2008 Turnkey Team Brand Index too, but it is behind a paywall.

Celtics rank as best in pro sports, Lions come in lastBizjournals

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