How Yuengling became one of the largest American owned brewers

Yuengling poised to become largest American-owned brewerPatriot-News
When Dick Yuengling bought the Yuengling Brewery from his father, it was a small, dying business. He revitalized it and now only Boston Beer Co. (Samuel Adams) is a larger American-owned brewer. Previously owned American breweries, Miller and Busch, have since been purchased by foreign conglomerates.

I do not feel as strongly about Yuengling Lager as some of my friends, but generally speaking, if I have beer in the house or at a tailgate, it is Yuengling. The quality to price ratio is quite good and I find Nittany Lion beef franks taste pretty good when they have “marinated” in it.

Oh and sorry, Matthew, Yuengling does not appear to be heading to Massachusetts anytime soon.

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