THOMAS BOSWELL – This Dude Is No Dud When It Comes to HittingThe Post
Bos writes about his mancruch, Adam Dunn.

The difference with Dunn, who’ll strike out even more than (Frank) Howard, is that he has a second dimension that makes him more exciting. He’s such a student of film and tendencies, and so implacably patient, that doesn’t swing at balls. Only strikes. And not all of those. So, there are only two ways to pitch him. Walk him. Or try to get him out on pitches inside the strike zone. Which can definitely be done. “Lots of pitchers love to see me coming,” Dunn said. “Pedro Borb√≥n, ERA about 7.00, I couldn’t sniff him.”

But his approach not only boosts his high on-base percentage, but also makes him dangerous against any pitcher, even the best, on any pitch. When the Ks come in waves, he ignores them. The dude abides. And when he connects, the baseball world stops.

Boswell compares him to some Hall of Famers as well which right now is just silly. Should Dunn keep it up and be part of a winner, that could change. Of course, staying clean is a part of it too in this day and age.

I have also enjoyed what Dunn has had to say in the weeks since he signed. We shall see if he remains as likable on those days he goes 0-4 with 3 Ks and 3 LOB because we know he’ll be fun when he is bouncing dingers off of the Capitol dome.

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